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Spinach & Cheese

This family-inspired recipe is always a crowd-pleaser. Natural, tender spinach is sautéed with diced red onions and specially selected seasonings. A premium blend of mozzarella, provolone and parmesan cheese produces a mild, smooth finish. A one-of-a-kind empanada experience.  


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BBQ Chicken

Our award-winning BBQ Chicken Empanadas are made with diced all-premium white chicken meant, a blend of premium cheeses and then smothered in our own, natural BBQ sauce. A delicate touch of cilantro and red onions packs in even more freshness and flavor.


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Spicy Chicken

A twist on the word 'spicy', this empanada has just enough serrano, povlano and red peppers to create some heat, but not too much to mask the complex and delightful flavors created by the combination of all-premium chicken, olives, vegetables, and South American spices. 


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Beef Steak

Our slow-cooked to perfection, succulent chunks of all-premium Beef Steak are hand-mixed with fresh vegetables and blended with some of the most exotic herbs and spices to produce a zesty and scrumptious empanada experience. If that was not enough, we added green olives to provide the final authentic touch. 


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Ground Beef

Our delicious Ground Beef empanadas are made simply with all-premium beef and vegetables. This delicious combination is the perfect entry point to the exotic world of Argentinian Empanadas. The smooth filling nestled in delicately flaky shell will please even the most demanding foodies. 


Lazo Empanadas are authentic, Argentinian pastries filled with all-premium, fresh and savory ingredients. If you are a good food lover looking for natural, healthy, convenient, unique and flavor-packed meal that can be prepared in a short time, and eaten with great joy, Lazo Empanadas are for you. 

Enjoy these South American pouches of perfection anytime! Lazo Empanadas are great for parties and celebrations, as appetizers, or as a full meal. Our all-premium fillings come fully cooked; simply pull from the freezer , bake, fry or grill for a few minutes, and serve. 

From our family to yours, enjoy LAZO.