16193 Spinach Artichoke Roll S.jpg

Spinach & Artichoke 

Our spring rolls are made with a flaky outside and filled with only the freshest ingredients. Enjoy this spinach and artichoke spring roll as an appetizer before any meal. 

16183 Tofu Noodle Spring Roll Logo copy.

Tofu Noodle 

Our Tofu noodle spring rolls have a perfect crunch between the flaky outer shell and fresh vegetables inside. This is one of our favorites. 


16189 Vietnamese Pork Spring Roll.jpg

Vietnamese Pork 

These Vietnamese pork spring rolls will keep your customers coming back for more. They only take a few minutes to prepare, but will leave a strong lasting impression on your taste buds. 


16196 Volcano Roll Logo.jpg


Cream cheese, muenster cheese, and giardiniera relish wrapped in spring roll skin to create a delicious appetizer. 


16210 Breakfast Sausage Spring Roll.jpg

Breakfast Chorizo 

Chorizo sausage, scrambled egg, and cheese wrapped up in spring roll skin to make the best breakfast appetizer.  

16210 Breakfast Sausage Spring Roll.jpg

Breakfast Sausage

Our breakfast sausage spring rolls will get your customers out of bed in the morning and knocking on your door. This breakfast twist on an asian classic is unique and will stand out on any menu. 

16266 Southwest Veggie S.jpg

Southwest Veggie

Our southwest twist the spring roll makes for an unforgettable blast of flavor. Black beans, peppers, corn, and a delicious sauce create the best appetizer experience. 


Our Crispy skin spring roll is a one of a kind classic tradition of authentic Asian Appetizers, yet, we are creative enough to wrap up so many trendy fillings from Spinach and Artichoke, Chorizo and Egg with green chili to Southwest Veggie, and the Volcano Roll is filled with Muenster Cheese and Giardiniera relish.