01203 Sm Salmon Cream Cheese Wonton _1.j

Smoked Salmon Cheese

These crispy salmon snacks are the perfect introduction to a great meal. They will get your customers excited about what else is to come. 


16273 Vegetable Curry Samosa.jpg

Vegetable Curry Samosa

These savory pastry snacks are quite addictive, with a twist of curry and vegetables is best paired with a dip.  A real crowd pleaser that disappears from the table.

01199 Cream Cheese Krab Rangoon S.jpg

Creamy Cheese Krab Rangoon

These crab puffs are filled with seasoned cream cheese and crab to make baked appetizers, perfect when served with a sweet chili sauce. Another dainty appetizer that's pleasing to the eye and will surely spoil your palate.

01212 Sriracha Rangoon S.jpg

Sriracha Krab Cheese Rangoon

A blissful burst of deep-fried crab rangoon spiced with sriracha has been a guilty pleasure for many. Its goodness is hard to resist but there is no need to wait for February 13th to celebrate National Crab Rangoon Day. You want it, you can get it!